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  • Well hello there! Glad you've stumbled upon Wandering Footsteps, the travel journal of a nomadic couple on a slow overland trip around the world. With thirty years of travel experience between us and a round-the-world trip already under the belt of our trusty 1988 Toyota-cum-camper van, this journey is bound to be interesting! Join us in our global wanderings - we've saved an extra seat just for you!

    - Brittany and Bruno

We moved into our new Big Blue Bus two weeks ago. After almost four months of full-time conversion work, you might be curious to see just how things are going for us so far – if so, read on. I spill the good and the bad of our first two weeks back on the road!

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  • Freya Gnerre - My dear Niece and Bruno, You look so happy, I’m very envious. I love the area you are in as much as you do. It’s so nice to look up and see beautiful blue skys. And, the wide open spaces! Big Blue looks great and very comfortable – you’ll eventually get all your “bugs” taken care of. I’m still waiting for an email from you. And, I hope when you are in Canada, you will come down our way so we can meet up. Much love to you both. Auntie FreyaReplyCancel

  • Louise Jones-Takata - Congratulations B & B! Big Blue is real achievement and it looks very good, roomy and comfy. Nothing chaotic about it! As nothing is perfect, you are realizing certain decisions taken which you would if you could alter. You’ll live with these little inconveniences for now anyway! Best of all, you are living the life you both so much love!ReplyCancel

  • Molly McCarron - Aah.. You both look so happy!ReplyCancel

  • Frank - Hadn’t seen photos of you two for a while – you are (both) looking well !ReplyCancel

Here I am, for only a second time in Mexico, having my senses utterly overwhelmed again by the traffic, dirt, taco stands, street dogs, garbage, potholes, and staccato Spanish of another Mexican town.  After spending over a year in Europe, Canada, and the United States, Mexico has come as a shock – even if it is just Mexico-light, as they call Baja California.

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  • rcs - I remember the dirt in PV but the places you are visiting look quite clean and attractive.
    Happy travels.ReplyCancel

Bruno and I are not the only ones who live their lives on the road: introducing a couple of young Greek overlanders we met three years ago at a little campsite in Kenya, and who have continued their travels in two vehicles, 40+ countries and 100,000km! They’ve just written an e-book about their lifestyle, with tons of practical info on how you, too, can live the traveling life of your dreams!

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This month, Bruno and I have continued working full-time on our bus conversion, but from Baja California, Mexico, rather than Arizona, USA. We’ve gotten a lot of important tasks accomplished – so much so that we’re just about ready to hit the road in our new home-on-wheels!

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  • Steve & Lorena - Hi, Bruno & Brittany,

    We met briefly at the Grand Teton Visitors center the other day and I thought I would check out your website. It made great reading and I enjoyed the post on the renovations to the bus. My wife is from Mexico and we have been down the Baja a number of times. I am sorry I did not pop out to the car park for a look at the finished job. I think you mentioned you were heading to Yellowstone and if you are going to still be there next Thursday let me know and maybe we can meet and share a beer.

    You make us feel like novices as we only have nine years on the road.

    Looking forward to when our paths cross again.

    Steve & LorenaReplyCancel

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  • Auntie Freya - You both are doing a great job. I love reading you blogs. I’m hoping you’ll get a chance to drop down in NY on your way back East. I’m home until the middle of June. I’m still waiting for your answer on my last email! Political as it might be, you did ask. I’d love your input. I’ve been busy cleaning out the house, but I have several trips coming up. That keeps me going. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Much love,
    Auntie FreyaReplyCancel

    • Brittany - I didn’t reply? My goodness, I don’t know where my brain has been… actually, I DO know! It’s been on this DANG bus! Can’t wait until my brain is out on the open road again – I am guessing I have a fair few emails to reply to! Haha!!ReplyCancel

      • Freya Gnerre - Dear Brittany and Bruno, You are really making progress. When you finally hit the road north to visit the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, you will probably go thru Green River and/or Rock Springs, Wyoming. That is my tramping grounds. My Mother was born and raised there and I still have a lot of family there. It’s a great area and full of old western history. Let me know what you think when you travel thru. The bus is looking great – and I love your blogs. Much love, Auntie FreyaReplyCancel

  • Leslie Brown - X – That’s my crossed fingers. Looks like you have some great travels in front of you.

    • Brittany - Thank you for the fingers! We need every single one we can get! Are you sure you don’t want to go out and buy another trailer and come hit the road with us? :)ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth S - Wonderful! So glad you are finished the ‘big stuff’ and are soon to be back on the road. See you at the end of July and meanwhile enjoyReplyCancel

    • Brittany - I may have spoken too soon about being done the big stuff – forgot about windows, awning, kayaks, and the heater/AC system in the driver’s area…. ay yay yay!ReplyCancel

  • rcs - Things are looking up…for both Big Blue and your travels.
    I, too, miss the “wide open roads”.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Good thing we have a fun summer RV itinerary planned! :)ReplyCancel