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Eternal Recurrence

It seems strange that I am, yet again, writing in my blog. My blog which is reserved only for trips across the globe.
This can only mean one thing…
Yes, I am departing yet again. I am leaving the comforts of the West and the security of my family, and heading out for yet another adventure. This one, back in Thailand!
I will be teaching English in Bangkok. For those of you that remember, this was my original plan two years ago, before I got sidetracked with building libraries and volunteering for NGOs in Nepal. Ohhh Nepal…
Anyway, the timing for teaching English in Thailand is actually more perfect right now than two years ago. I returned from Asia in March and have struggled to find a job ever since. I think I was rejected one too many times from jobs I thought I was qualified for, and that forced me to find an alternative. Combine that with the fact that I did come to ONE realization this summer – that I DID see teaching in my future – and that three of my college friends who were teaching in Thailand were beckoning me there, and it was really a no-brainer.
So, on October 8th, I will arrive in Bangkok. I will be teaching at Sarasas Ektra School (http://www.ektra.ac.th/EngVersion/index.html) starting on October 27th.
What will in do in the meantime? What else?