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  • Well hello there! Glad you've stumbled upon Wandering Footsteps, the travel journal of a nomadic couple on a slow overland trip around the world. With thirty years of travel experience between us and a round-the-world trip already under the belt of our trusty 1988 Toyota-cum-camper van, this journey is bound to be interesting! Join us in our global wanderings - we've saved an extra seat just for you!

    - Brittany and Bruno

Nat King Cole sang, “If you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway that’s best; get your kicks on Route 66.” Well, our plan was to head west, so, even though Route 66 had never been on either of our bucket lists, Bruno and I decided to listen to Nat King Cole. We would, like so many before us, get our kicks on Route 66!

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  • Elizabeth S - While Route 66 has been a curiosity, it had not been on my bucket list either. But now it may very well be. A true piece of Americana. Your discriptions had me feeling I was traveling with you. Can’t wait for the 2nd part!ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Well my second Route 66 post will have tips and other pieces of advice, which could help you if you do ever plan this type of trip. Stay tuned!ReplyCancel

  • Rcs - Yes-haw…howdy doody there pardner….
    Guess I better bring some salad fixins when I visit Okleeehoma.
    Y’all havin’ some fun I reckon checkin’ out things…looks like more fun than puttin’ your hand in a barrel of rattlers.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Wow, you would fit right in… NOT!!ReplyCancel

France doesn’t unveil itself to me from behind the lens of its tourist towns. It unveils itself to me at its long, food-filled tables. Increasingly, through these rituals of food and connection, France has ceased to be a two-dimensional place with a long list of places to see – instead, it has become a comforting, comfortable, community-filled home.

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  • Leslie Brown - Nice pictures of your family and friends. How do you stay slim??

    • Brittany - Haha that’s random Grampa! Thanks for the compliment! I’m not doing so well on the “slim” thing this fall… too busy driving south to exercise and eat well!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth S - Such a heart-warming post to read! As a mom, I couln’t be happier that you have a second place that now feels like home to you and a wonderful, caring family (and friends) to share your life and add to that comfort of belonging.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - I knew you’d be happy that my family-in-law treats me so well and has made me feel so welcome in France. :)ReplyCancel

Now, after the recent presidential election, it is more important than ever that I travel through the US. Because prejudice should never be met with prejudice, intolerance with intolerance, fear with fear.  I know now that it is through my travels in America that the seeds of anger that Trump has sown within me with be uprooted.

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  • Leslie Brown - America is much bigger than Trump!It’s people are strong, creative and some of the brightest in the world. you will find much good in the USA and it will prevail. Enjoy your travels there and keep sharing your stories.
    Love to you both, GrampaReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Thank you for the positive words of wisdom. I think (and hope) you are correct. xoxReplyCancel

  • rcs - His election is obviously a statement about how unhappy Joe Public is about where the USA is today.
    I’m sure you will get the opportunity to better understand this pervasive feeling but openly expressing a political opinion from an outsider is probably not Plan #1.
    What is interesting is trying to understand the depth of the anger/unhappiness to elect a man without respect for women and humanity.
    It will be an interesting time…no doubt.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - As you know, I’ve never been one to be able to hold back on opinions about such important things. My hope is that I wrote this with diplomacy and tact.ReplyCancel

  • Nikos&Georgia - hahahaha.. dont worry.. #Trolland Dump will be soon history -even a bad memory- due to countless scandals that will come to the surface.

    Trust us.. this guys is a like the clown that they burn after Carnivals in Greece.

    Here in Mexico, its even harder after #Dump election.

    Safe travels ;-))ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - I wish I shared your optimism about his short presidency! I owe you both an email…. forthcoming, truly! We’ve just finished a 4,000+km roadtrip through the US so we’re pretty exhausted!!ReplyCancel

    • Frank - Hopefully the dog that barks does not bite.ReplyCancel

Bruno is emphatically anti-city. Even as a child, he’d get headaches whenever his mom dragged him to Paris. So what was it about this trip and this city that softened my city-hating husband’s heart? You’ll just have to read on until the end of the post to find out!

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  • Louise Jones-Takata - Well done B & B. It was truly a pleasure to have you in my city and home!ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - The pleasure was absolutely all ours, and as you see, the memories we created will truly last a lifetime! xox and thank you again for everything.ReplyCancel

  • Rcs - Like Mom, I hung on to every word, phrase and sentence of this fun recollection of your NY stay. I felt I was there with you and Bruno.
    I’m certain Louise will enjoy your ability to capture in words this great trip and experience.
    Yeah, Bruno…ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Very glad you enjoyed it! Did it make you want to visit NYC?ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth S. - What a wonderful acoount of your whirlwind four days in NYC! So glad that Bruno enjoyed himself to the extent he did. Marvelous photos that put my June photos to shame. Thank you for sharing; it’s been a long wait to hear the details of your trip.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Glad you enjoyed it! I figured you would, and wrote with you in mind.ReplyCancel