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  • Well hello there! Glad you've stumbled upon Wandering Footsteps, the travel journal of a nomadic couple on a slow overland trip around the world. With thirty years of travel experience between us and a round-the-world trip already under the belt of our trusty 1988 Toyota-cum-camper van, this journey is bound to be interesting! Join us in our global wanderings - we've saved an extra seat just for you!

    - Brittany and Bruno

Though I have spent little of my adult life in my home nation of Canada, I assumed travel here would be less eye-opening, less illuminating, and less educational. Instead, traveling in Canada has been just as – and perhaps more – revealing than travel abroad.  With my traveler eyes set on myself and my own culture, these last few weeks have been a thoroughly unique travel experience.

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  • Les Brown - And here I was thinking this place was just a highway passing from Halifax to Toronto. Love your pictures and stories.
    I know you have been visiting with Nathan and Ara, also Bettie and Randy I hear. Will be looking for more.
    Love, GrampaReplyCancel

  • Landcruising - Have you guys not sold your yota yet? I still think about that truck all the time. I hope I can put together a vehicle as cool as that truck when it is time to buy or build one. Btw, if you guys haven’t done it yet you really should look in to doing the cabot trail. Cape Breton has amazing scenery and is a very interesting drive.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany Caumette - Hiya! Well, don’t want to give too much away on the blog yet but, yes, the Toyota is sold, just not yet delivered. I’ll write more about the whole thing soon-ish on the blog. :) Definitely wish you lots of luck finding your own perfect rig… wanna help us with our new one?!? Haha!
      Thanks for reading, checking in, and sending your Cabot Trail recommendation. You’re far from the first so I think we’re going to have visit someday soon!ReplyCancel

  • rcs - I am so happy that I can (re)experience Canada through your eyes. Having been at many of these places makes reading it perhaps more exciting than the places that you have written about that I haven’t visited. Let’s hope you are able to find affordable camping in other areas and don’t risk trespassing on private property.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany Caumette - It’s true that it’s a whole other experience to read about places we ourselves have seen before. I hope you enjoy this experience many times over the coming months and years as we continue to explore your neck of the woods!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth S. - While you will only be spending a relatively short time traveling in your ‘home’ country this year, Brittany, I’m so happy that your experiences here with Bruno so far have perhaps whet your appetite to discover more. There is so much stunning beauty to see in this magnificent country and cultural diversity to embrace. Happy trails!ReplyCancel

    • Brittany Caumette - If only summer were longer in Canada, we would continue to venture into its many beautiful hidden corners! Alas, winter is coming, and it feels like it’s almost time to go!ReplyCancel

Bruno gets his introduction to Canadian culture as he is put to the challenge of becoming an Honorary Maritimer. In the meantime, seeing my own country from Bruno’s eyes gives me an insight into my own preconceived notions of what is “normal” and what is actually “cultural.”

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  • Lerslie Brown - finally catching up with the wonderful stories and pictures of your time in Atlantic Canada. I really didn’t realize that we live in such a beautiful and interesting part of the world. What a great introduction for Bruno. We are wishing you both a safe and healthy journey in the coming days. will be looking for more news.
    Love, GrampaReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Thank you for writing this note. Indeed, Bruno received a warm and welcoming introduction to Canada… and now the adventures continue further West!!
      Much love to you and hope to see you soon.ReplyCancel

I spent an entire summer at my parents’ home in New Brunswick, Canada. At first, it was just the parents and I. Then, Bruno arrived. And finally, my brother came too! It was a full house and a full summer, and to do it all justice, this post includes a heck of a lot of photos! Thanks for an amazing summer to everyone who was part of it!!

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  • Elizabeth S. - Dad and I had such a great summer first with you, then with Bruno, and finally with Nathan! It’s so special to read about many memorable moments and to see the photos, nearly all for the first time. Thank you for capturing our summer of 2016 in such a wonderful way.ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - If I hadn’t been so busy packing to hit the road, I think these photos and memories may have brought tears to my eyes. It really truly was a blessed summer, as any time spent with you is. Love you sooooooo much!ReplyCancel

  • Line - Beautiful summer with your family 😉😉. I’m happy to see you smiling 😃. 😘😘😘😘ReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Great English, Line! I’m so impressed! Merci beaucoup pour tout les smileys! :)ReplyCancel

Totoyaya, our beloved camper van, has arrived in Canada! This practical post describes the ins and outs of the process of getting her from Europe to North America on a ferry, and gives an overall opinion on our experience with Seabridge Motorhome Shipping Company.

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  • Raimund Popp - hy brittany and bruno,

    reading your detailed blog is very interesting. New Brunswick seems to be a beatiful place staight at the atlantic cost.
    isn’t now the winter coming in canada?

    raimund and familyReplyCancel

    • Brittany - Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog, Raimund, and for sending us a comment! We loved hosting you in our home in France and are happy that you have taken an interest in our adventures!

      Indeed, winter is coming in Canada, but now it is still warm. In the central part of the country (where we are now) it’s almost 30 degrees!!

      Best to you and your family!ReplyCancel