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First of all, a huge welcome to our travel blog!  Wandering Footsteps started out a decade ago as the story of one woman working her way around the world because she couldn’t seem to sit still in any one place for any length of time. It’s now become the story of two – Brittany and Bruno – and their very slow journey around the world in a camper van.  We’ve saved an extra seat just for you, so we’re really happy you’ve decided to join us.

If you’re new here, please feel free to take a moment to get oriented with our site.  We have tons of useful information for travelers and dreamers.  First of all, we invite you to take a look at a few of our pages to get to know us and our project a little better:

If you still haven’t gotten enough of us – or are looking for some nitty-gritty practical info about long-term travel, overland travel, and camper van travel, check out a few noteworthy blog posts:

A few interviews about our full-time overlanding lifestyle:

If you’re more the browsing type, we’ve organized the content in a variety of ways (there is over 10 years of content on this site, so organization is key!).  All organizational features are at the bottom of the page: you can search by date (archives), by continent (categories), or blog topic, which is our personal favorite way of searching for information.  Here are a few of our favorite topics:

  • City Stops: We don’t visit cities all that much anymore, but when we do, our experiences are here.
  • Culinary Adventures: To say that Brittany is obsessed with food tourism is an understatement.
  • Road Trips: Our life is one giant road trip, but this section features any long or particularly interesting transits.
  • The Great Outdoors: Encounters with animals and nature is one of our favorite types of tourism.


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