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Champagne Birthday

Yesterday was my champagne birthday, meaning that I turned 26 on the 26th. But the number game doesn’t end there – in fact, I was born on the 6th month, at 10:26, after 26 hours of labour! Champagne birthday it is!
It was a nice, relaxing day. After eating a filling brunch cooked by Louis, I worked out at the gym, swam in the pool and read my book poolside. Then I got a foot massage and got ready for dinner. I met my girlfriends at a tapas restaurant, and we drank sangria, ordered loads of food, and talked and laughed. Some of my favourite dishes were the goat cheese salad, an avocado and smoked salmon dish, the garlic and olive oil shrimp, and the potato with garlic aeoli. Yummy! My mouth is watering just remembering it!
I felt very special because the girls got me a birthday cake and had the restaurant sing happy birthday to me. I was also surprised at school the day before with a birthday cake and serenade. Very sweet of my friends.
Additionally, I received loads of text messages, facebook messages, and emails from friends and relatives. Thank you to everyone who thought of me. I send my love right back to you!