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KG3A Homeroom Teacher

This semester, I was offered the position of being a homeroom teacher for KG3, the year just before grade one, when students are 5-6 years old. I jumped at the opportunity, because it has been at least a year that I’ve been wanting to teach homeroom for a younger age level.
I’ve now been teaching the class for about a month and LOVE IT! I am getting to know my students and developing a rapport with them because I get to see them several times a day. They are beginning to respond really well to my calls for quiet (at least compared to the first couple of weeks) and I am learning what tactics, activities, and teaching approaches work well with this group. Even after just a month, it has been a massive learning experience for me and I really, really like it.
Unfortunately, I will not be teaching this group of students much longer. For those who may not know, I have accepted the offer from the University of Ottawa to get my teacher’s certification, and I start in September. I’ve notified my boss at work, I’ve bought my plane ticket, so it’s official. I depart Thailand August 3rd and arrive in Ottawa to look for an apartment. Then I will return to New Brunswick for a few weeks to visit family and get my belongings organized before moving on to my next adventure.
It’s going to be a busy and emotional 7 weeks as I prepare to leave this place I’ve inadvertently called home for more than a year and a half. I’m sure I’ll have developed a rather strong attachment to my class by then and it will be difficult to hand them over to another teacher. I will miss the lifestyle I have here – massages, delicious fresh fruit, a gorgeous swimming pool, cheap restaurants, travel, etc. And of course, it will be a difficult and emotional goodbye with friends, and especially Louis.
Nonetheless, it’s a step I must take. Any words of encouragement will be appreciated.

  • Zavtrak - I’ll definitely miss you! But I agree with you that this is an important step you should take, and I hope everything goes well in the time leading you up to that point.ReplyCancel